Be Heard!

This set of trainings is designed to empower your volunteers to use equipment they already own to communicate the power of their action. From senior citizens to college students, we can tailor this training to any demographic. Available via live, interactive webinar or via in-person trainings. Click here to learn more.

Think Like a Journalist

If your volunteers already use twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr and livestream as part of their activism, this training will excite them! We teach them how to focus their content and improve their information-gathering techniques. Special emphasis on best practices for using their equipment. Click here to learn more!

Custom Training

Sometimes you need training tailored just for your organization. We can provide training in Spanish, training focused on just one media (like livestreaming), or training designed to help volunteers communicate about a particular issue, using your frame and messaging. We're happy to work with you. To find out how, click here!